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  • Benefits:
    Full range coaxial unit with integral crossover.
  • Features:
    The RVCXD3153 uses the Radial chassis with a rear mounted BMS 4548 compression driver. It features excellent vocal projection and clarity along with high power handling and sensitivity. A matching crossover integrates the two transducers to give a smooth controlled response both on and off axis. Since the conventional vented magnet cooling system is not possible in a coaxial unit the front mounted Radial chassis plus a multi-finned magnet intercooler provide unequalled cooling for maximum reliability and 3dB less power compression. A diffraction horn, flush mounted in the central hub, enables a smooth full-range response unlike the normal, central horn which interferes with cone radiation. Dispersion is 90°H X 60°V for more precise coverage compared to central conical horn types.
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  • Model Number: RVCXD3153
  • Nominal Diameter (mm): 310
  • Power Capacity (Watt AES): 400
  • Sensitivity (dB/watt/m): 98.5
  • Frequency Range (Hz): 50-19,000
  • Impedance (Ohms): 8
  • BL Factor: 15.3
  • Voice Coil Diameter (mm): 75
  • Voice Coil Material: Copper
  • Maximum Excursion (mm): 36 (before damage)
  • Magnet Assembly Weight (Kg): 8
  • Effective Moving Mass (Kg): 0.035
  • Compliance (M/N): 0.0003
  • Volume Displaced (litres): 3.4
  • Connection: 80cm long flying leads
  • Chassis: Diecast Aluminum
  • Horn Dispersion: (-6db) 90°H x  60°V up to 16KHz
  • Crossover Frequency: 3000Hz
Mounting Information
Parameter Measure Unit
Overall Diameter 310 mm
Mounting Bolt Circle Diameter 292 mm
Number and Size of Bolts 8 M6
Baffle Cutout Diameter 280 mm front mount
Baffle Cutout Diameter 281 mm rear mount
Depth 191 mm below front flange
Depth 205 mm total depth
Weight 12.3 Kg


Response Curve


Thiele-Small Parameters
Parameter Measure Unit
Fs 50 Hz
Re 5.15 Ohms
Qa 6.58
Qe 0.24
Qt 0.23
Vas 95 litres
Xmax ±4 mm
Sd 479 cm²
Vd 191 cm³
Le 0.8 mH
Suggested Enclosures
Volume(litres) Vent Diameters(cm) Vent Length(cm) System Q -3db freq(Hz)
20 7.5 5 10 90
35 7.5 2.7 10 70
50 10 4 10 65

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